Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is PickyNet?

    PickyNet is a social networking site for sharing links to content rich with video, graphics and animation. It is a Website that allows you to send links to interesting photo and multimedia resources that will be reviewed by our community and, probably, will be promoted to the main page. No boring text-heavy reading!

  2. Do I need to register?

    It is only necessary to register if you want to submit stories or add comments. As an unregistered user, however, you may still vote on posts, browse through user profiles, discussions and posts. If you vote on a post without registering your vote will be considered anonymous (and with lower karma), you will not be able to add comments.

  3. How do I promote recent stories?

    Visit our upcoming section and the recent posts sorted by date of submission will be listed for you. You can then vote on interesting, funny, important posts to your mind. Once the posts have surpassed the threshold of votes and karma, they will be promoted to the main page.

  4. Do you only count the number of votes?

    No, we also count karma, and the number of problems reported or negative votes. The algorithm is rather complex.

  5. What is PickyNet Spy?

    Pickynet spy is a real-time tracking system. With PickyNet spy you can monitor activities of our site in real time. In addition you will be able to chat with our community

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